Research to address microplastics, one of the most important challenges of this generation.




We are two high school students at Polytechnic School in Pasadena, California who have initiated a research project to explore the composition of polymers present in microplastics. This way we can see what and how microplastics are affecting the environment, wildlife, and even the human body and reproductive systems.

For this work we have received a number awards. This includes the George Olah Fellowship for Creativity in Science and Engineering, which has provided us the funding to do this work. This fellowship honors the life of George Olah, Nobel Prize Award winner in Chemistry and University of Southern California professor. We have also been named 2024 Research in Science and Engineering (RISE) Scholars, which recognizes exceptional young female STEM scholars in the Los Angeles area for their commitment to innovative scientific research or engineering and design projects. 




The issues surrounding microplastics

We explore the ways the microplastics impact us and our environment, investigate the methods for finding microplastics in animals, people, and different habitats, and research how to best remove and project ourselves from microplastics. Watch this page for updates and results from our work.